Finally driving the  Lamborghini Huracan LP610 at Xtreme Xperience, Milwaukee Mile
My name is Frank, I live in North Carolina, and my passion is Automotive photography and Action photography.
Maybe it was the opening scene of Cannonball Run with that beautiful Lamborghini racing across the desert, or the wide variety of Matchbox cars I could play with for hours as a kid.
Cars have been my thing since day one. 
My mom set me up with ultimate 80's kids room that included Corvette wallpaper, Lamborghini & Ferrari posters and plenty of car magazines to read and dream over.
My obsession with cars has never been isolated to one specific brand, style or genre. I have always appreciated and enjoyed what makes them unique. 
Action photography has also been a longtime passion since I was capturing my daughters sports moments, my dogs adventures, & friends skateboarding sessions. I enjoy capturing the raw emotion of these moments and sharing them through photo and video.
My photos capture authentic aspects of these moments, highlights and story.  
        Let's get together and create something unique!

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