What is your automotive background?
My life is cars. No, really, I have grown up with a passion for all things cars. My youth was spent at dealerships, teen years at the track & car shows, and as an adult through the years I have worked as an auto tech, auto claims adjuster, body shop estimator and with a pro race team as their team photographer. I am well versed in all things automotive, whether it's classic cars, exotic cars and everything in-between. I am experienced and familiar with what makes each of them unique, special, and the details that make them shine 
What kind of racing coverage can you provide?
I can provide half day coverage or full day coverage based on your needs. I am a fan of all types of racing, whether it's drag racing, road racing, open wheel, or kart.
When I am not on the road, I enjoy covering my local drag strip action. 
Some past events I have covered include IndyCar, GT AmericaIMSA, HSR Classic 24hr, Track Day events, local events & much more
What does your "Action Photography" cover?
Action can include sports, to skateboarding, and everything in-between. I enjoy covering a variety of action photography and the key to capturing the best moments is timing. 
Anticipation is key and I have solid experience covering baseball, football, youth sports, skateboarding, motocross, BMX, lacrosse & various other fast action sports. 
If you have questions or would like samples, please feel free to contact me and lets discuss what we need to cover your specific vision
What racing experience do you have?
I have a passion for motorsports and have covered IMSA, INDYcar, GT, Drag Racing & many more. I grew up on drag racing and also fell in love with open wheel and road racing. I have experience working at numerous tracks across the country. My home track is Virginia International Raceway and I also worked Road America in Wisconsin for over 10 years.
 You can currently find me at Farmington Dragway, Piedmont Dragway, VIR & numerous other areas in North Carolina
What can I expect if I book a private photoshoot?
Whether automotive or sports, you can expect attention to detail and a fun experience. The goal is collaboration and creating a shared vision that delivers the best results for you. 
Let's get together and discuss something unique and fun to create.
What equipment do you use?
I use professional Canon camera equipment exclusively. I utilize two full frame camera bodies and a variety of lenses tailored to each specific need. My current lineup includes a variety of prime and telephoto lenses including RF mount 24-70mm f/2.8,  70-200mm f/2.8,  400mm f/2.8,  50mm f/1.8, all Canon branded equipment ​​​​​​​
What is your editing style?
Editing style can be a touchy subject, but I am not afraid to put my take out there. 
Editing style is very subjective to every photographer. However, as a client, you may have a taste or preference to something unique to what you would like to capture. 
My personal preference is authentic, true & vivid color. If you look around the galleries you will likely get a feel for my "style" along with other photos that are outside the box too. 
So what's the best way to decide? 
Communication, its that easy.
Let's talk about your vision and the best possible way to capture it. You will never be locked in to a certain stye or edit. Expect to work together and develop a vision prior to the shoot.
There is simply no blanket style, it is, and has always been unique to you, the client
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